Tuesday, August 29, 2006

GOP's conservative and liberal wings at war heading into ‘06 campaign

President Bush has been trying to maintain a united Republican Party amid flagging conservative support and a split with the GOP’s liberal wing.

The two wings are so far apart that party strategists no longer envision a united front for the November congressional elections. The strategists said many of the liberals, already alienated from the White House, have been campaigning as opponents of the president in an effort to win re-election as part of an expected Democratic Party sweep of Congress.

''I think we've lost our way,'' said Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican and possible presidential contender in 2008. ''And I think the Republicans are going to be in some jeopardy for that and will be held accountable.''

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Roger Rancourt said...


Another legal eagle gets her own blog!

Great job, and be sure and come by ours my friend :-)


The neocon election fraud is all being exposed, the criminals are all desperate!!!!

We will shut down this sham once and for all.

Who's the midget writing these crazy speeches??

And let us pray that Fitzgerald INDICTS the criminals, and gets back control of his blog!!!!


S-Q said...

Hey Roger!
Thanks for stopping by and good to see you!

Did you see that Ohio is trying to destroy their paper ballots from the 2004 election?

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Roger Rancourt said...


There's also some whackjob impersonating Jeff Fisher saying he is going to the Israel embassy.

And he is going to attack the Israeli ambassador until he admits what Sean Lennon did, and then bomb the place to stop AIPAC!!!!

What the fuck happened to this world?!?!?! The neocons are all nuts!!!!

Seize all those ballots!!