Saturday, September 30, 2006

DNC: Why did GOP House leader cover up sex crimes?

A press release issued on Saturday by the Democratic National Committee asks why a Republican House leader covered up sex crimes.

"Why Did Tom Reynolds Cover Up Congressman’s Sex Crimes?" asks the DNC press release sent to RAW STORY.

"According to the Associated Press, Congressman Reynolds’ spokesman confirmed that Reynolds had been informed by another Congressman that the boy had complained about Foley’s inappropriate communications 'months ago,'" the press release continues. "It appears that Reynolds did not tell authorities about the emails or take any step to discipline Foley, apparently choosing instead to sweep the matter under the rug to protect the Republican party’s dwindling chances of retaining control of the House of Representatives this November."

In the press release, DNC Communications Director Karen Finney calls Reynolds' inaction "very troubling" and demands "real answers" from GOP House leaders.

"We need real answers to important questions about precisely who knew about these activities and when they knew it, whether other current or former pages were victimized by Congressman Foley, why the Republican House leadership was prepared to adjourn without at the very least referring this matter to the ethics committee, and what corrective action if any Congressman Reynolds and the rest of the Republican House leadership took," says Finney.

"Failing to answer to these questions would send a terrible message to the parents who entrust their children to the care of the Page School and send them to Washington to serve Congress," Finney adds.

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