Thursday, January 11, 2007

Leaked remarks: Kennedy to say Senate not told about Iraq rules of engagement

During an appearance on the Ed Schultz Show today, Senate Armed Forces Committee member Ted Kennedy (D-MA) will say that it was "news" to Congressional members that US troops are "restricted by the Iraqis," RAW STORY has learned, after receiving a copy of the prerecorded interview.
The most-listened to liberal talk show host is set to break the news on his 12pm - 3pm EST show.

"I was startled to find out that our servicemen and women in cleaning out Baghdad have been restricted by the Iraqis," Kennedy says, "and about where they can go, the battles that they can fight."

Schultz asks the senator if retiring CENTCOM Commander General John Abizaid had ever told Congress.

"No, but we've heard that now from the national security adviser," Kennedy says. "Mr. Bartlett said that yesterday on CNN and this is all news to us."

Before President Bush's speech on Wednesday, White House conselor Dan Bartlett had said that troops were "handcuffed by political interference by the Iraqi leadership."

"The rules of engagement, where those troops can go, who they can go after," Bartlett had said, "we're severely restricted by politics in Baghdad."

"That's going to change as well," Bartlett added. "Prime Minister Maliki has made that very clear."

President Bush made reference to the "news" in his speech last night, as well.
"In earlier operations, political and sectarian interference prevented Iraqi and American forces from going into neighborhoods that are home to those fueling the sectarian violence," Bush said. "This time, Iraqi and American forces will have a green light to enter these neighborhoods – and Prime Minister Maliki has pledged that political or sectarian interference will not be tolerated."



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