Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fox News reporter says Bush admitted using cocaine, then retreats, citing, 'questions'

As political media buzzed about whether or not Senator Barack Obama's admission eleven years ago that he used cocaine as a teenager would hurt his political prospects, Fox News ran a segmenton "Obama's Cocaine Confession."

Their conversation took an unusual turn, however, when Fox reporter Kirian Chetry said President Bush had also admitted to using cocaine.

"There's something to be said for diffusing any negative attacks that could come your way," Chetry said.

But she then turned to the question of whether Obama's admission was similar to allegations of President Bush's use of cocaine.

Obama "talks very candidly, as did our current president, who admitted to using cocaine, correct? Well he admitted that he had an alcoholic, he had a drinking problem. Who was it who said they witnessed him using cocaine? It was somebody who wrote a book..."

As her colleagues tried to talk her down from the line of discussion, Chetry responded, "Okay, okay, okay, fine, but there were questions about the current president and whether he used cocaine or not as a young guy, but there's something about turning your life around...that people can accept."

Her fellow broadcasters rapidly re-centered the discussion on whether or not the White House should have a president who admitted to using illegal narcotics.

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