Saturday, October 07, 2006

House Members asked to contact current, former pages to see if they had 'inappropriate' communications with any House Member

In a letter sent out Friday by the Investigative Subcommittee for the House Ethics Committee, part of a probe of the House GOP leadership's handling of a scandal involving sexually explicit communications that former Congressman Mark Foley (R-Fla.) sent to teenage pages, House members are being asked to contact all current and former pages to see if they had "inappropriate communications or interactions" with anyone in the House, RAW STORY has found.

"In order to assist the Investigative Subcommittee with its inquiry, we also request that you contact current and former House Pages sponsored by your office for the purpose of learning whether any of those individuals had any inappropriate communications or interactions with former Representative Foley or any other Member of the House," the letter reads.

"You should advise all Pages contacted that any information gained pursuant to your inquiry will be shared with the Investigative Subcommittee, and will be maintained by the Investigative Subcommittee in a confidential manner consistent with House and Committee rules," the letter continues.

So far, the subcommittee has prepared forty-four subpoenas for records and testimony.

Full text of letter

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