Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ten US soldiers killed in attacks around Iraq

Baghdad- Ten US soldiers were killed in separate attacks around Iraq on Tuesday, the US military disclosed Wednesday. It said four soldiers were killed early Tuesday morning by a roadside bomb targeting their vehicle west of Baghdad.

Three others were killed and one wounded during operations Tuesday in Diyala province, the military said.

In three further separate incidents, a US soldier was killed when militants opened fire at his patrol in northern Baghdad, a soldier was killed during operations in al-Anbar province, and one other soldier was killed north of Baghdad when a roadside bomb struck his vehicle.

The single-day death toll was one of the highest ever suffered by US forces in the Iraq conflict to date.

Meanwhile in further violence Wednesday, a car bomb exploded in central Baghdad, inflicting a number of casualties, eyewitnesses reported.

They said the bomb apparently had targeted a police patrol which was in the process of bringing a defendant to court in the Andalus square.

The number of casualties in the blast was not initially known.


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