Thursday, February 15, 2007

Keeping Up With The Scooter Libby Trial...

From Firedoglake Live Blogging:

Bonamici: To the extent we were able to digest them (jury instructions) WRT elements instruction, govt concerned about summarization of false statements as part of elements instruction. We understand that the precise charge statements will be appended to the back. It was our understanding that the summaries of the false statements would only be provided at preliminary and that the false statements would be read for the final instructions.

Jeffress stands.

Bonamici: Is the perjury quoted as well.

Walton: Perjury is. I wouldn't be inclined to read all that, I would say it's going to get lost. I'd give a short statement about that and the jury will have an opportunity to read it.

Bonamici: We're of the view that the charged false statements are the core of the case.

Walton: I was only talking about the perjury.

Bonamici: They're shorter. I do see the distinction. We took from the first instruction that you were struggling with just reading them allowed.

Walton: As far as the false statements are, I thought I had indicated I would summarize what the false statements were.

Jeffress: [I think he says he was under the same understanding as Bonamici, too]

Bonamici: In the seventh circuit, the indictment goes back so it is never the practice to presesnt the false statement in the instructions.

Walton: I'm okay to have those portions of the indictment appended. I have a problem with the entire indictment going back bc there's a lot of stuff in there that should not be submitted to the jury.

Bonamici: That would be acceptable to the govt and would probably solve the problem.

Walton: I'm looking at the false statement instruction. I thought that was everything.

Bonamici: I don't, I don't. Have you figured out what page it's one.

Wells is up. Shows it to her. [Guess we have nice Ted today]

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