Friday, March 23, 2007

New U.S. Attorneys Seem To Have Partisan Records

by S-Q @ 7:15 PM MDT

McClatchy Washington Bureau
By Greg Gordon, Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON - Under President Bush, the Justice Department has backed laws that narrow minority voting rights and pressed U.S. attorneys to investigate voter fraud - policies that critics say have been intended to suppress Democratic votes.

Bush, his deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, and other Republican political advisers have highlighted voting rights issues and what Rove has called the "growing problem" of election fraud by Democrats since Bush took power in the tumultuous election of 2000, a race ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Since 2005, McClatchy Newspapers has found, Bush has appointed at least three U.S. attorneys who had worked in the Justice Department's civil rights division when it was rolling back longstanding voting-rights policies aimed at protecting predominantly poor, minority voters.


AngryMan said...

Yeah, but there's no reason to think that DOJ is politicized . . . :(

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

The Decider has made this mess! Ugh!