Thursday, March 29, 2007

Time Magazine and the Taliban

by Basheert @3:30 PM MDT

From Americablog (John Aravosis) today:

The contempt with which media outlets sometimes treat the American public is simply astonishing. Time Magazine, to its credit, put together an extremely readable article on the Talibanization of western Pakistan, a nation of critical importance in the region. Pakistan also happens to be floundering, with widespread dissatisfaction towards leadership and increasing extremism in the population. I don't expect people to always be interested in the machinations of central Asian political development, but hey, Time decided to run with an important and fascinating issue. They even put the article on the cover . . .


. . . for every edition except the U.S. version! The cover story here? "Why we should teach the Bible in public schools." I kid you not. It's just like when Newsweek's cover article was "Losing Afghanistan" for every edition except the U.S. Ours? Annie Leibovitz.

Registan really has the best treatment (and the actual covers) of this:
In other words, while it might be nice to learn about how American policy is failing in the country that actually attacked us on September 11, the mainstream glossies seem to think we’re more interested in lesbians who photograph celebrities and the Kansas Board of Education . . . Why do these publications hate America? I can’t really say. But seeing how they treat us with such contempt is deeply illuminating, and probably good insight into why our leaders seem to make such puzzlingly bad decisions in "the broader Middle East."

This kind of stuff makes me insane.


Global_Evildoer_Fighter said...

I agree with him. It makes me sick too.

The Media treats Americans like mindless cattle in our own country and that's because people are in a state of mindless apathy due to wanton Greed in this country.

It's not only our Govt, they're just a reflection of the people.

People would rather sit back and be spoon fed information so now it's gotten to the point where whatever Media says is gospel.

But not to me and not to a whole new Generation of Intelligent Americans who actually find out if something is true or not!

If you have half a brain you will stop watching TV news and rip out your computer and find out about your world and how it really is in the REAL World.

That is if you can rip yourself away your Double Latte Mocha while swatting your credit card at the Mall for another useless shirt that you'll only wear once and continue to increase your credit debt and your slavery to the Banksters..

One of these days you'll wake up and find out that your country has been invaded by swarms of foreign troops and that you just can't get your Credit card to swat anymore because there's no electricity anywhere..

Boo Hoo!

Basheert said...

First of all I do NOT drink Double Latte absolute favorite is Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuchinos ... so there!

Hey GEF - great comments.

I believe (and I think SQ agrees) that we are rapidly going to see the absolute demise of print media in the next 10-20 years. With the advent of the "internets" and the blogs, people are realizing that all the newspapers are owned by 3 or 4 HUGE conglomerates who are driving the slant the way their CEO's decide.

I only ever read the news for some local area items - even then I skip the paper most days. It's so slanted (AZ=REPIG territory) that it's actually become almost funny.

With the online access, we can all browse papers throughout the actual world and get news that is not spoonfed, filtered or doctored by our Administration who wouldn't or couldn't believe the american citizens are capable of reading and processing the truth.

The newspapers will go the way of the horse and buggy. That is what will, and is, happening. The lying has been too obvious and the slant has been too strong.

Global_Evildoer_Fighter said...


Their illusion bubble is going to burst!

Even Tim Russert and his Spin machine Meet the Press will become inconsequential.

Corporate media will have to adapt by Attrition, they either adapt or go under.

That's nice!~

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

GEF & Basheert:

Great comments by both of you! I agree with John on this too!

And, yes, Basheert, as you and I discussed, the old newspaper's ink will soon dry up!

Russert will be blogging and not talking on TV one of these days! LOL