Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Confidence In The Gonzales Genius!!

by S-Q @ 7:00 PM MDT

Meet The Press 3/25/07

MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Iglesias, when you hear Mr. McKay talk about the questions he was asked about the governor’s race in the state of Washington, your own situation, a senator, a congressman calling you, California, the removal of a U.S. attorney there when an investigation began about a Republican congressman, do you connect those dots and say, “My God, we, we were removed for political reasons”?

MR. IGLESIAS: It’s extremely troubling. The United States attorneys have a history, under various administrations, of being independent. We look at the facts, we apply the law. If we have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we go forward. Politics have historically not played a part. I recall John Ashcroft sitting me in, in his office and saying, “Politics have no part of your job as a U.S. attorney.” So it is troubling connecting those political dots. And I hope when this scandal is over, the tradition is returned to that as United States attorneys keep politics out and just focus on what the evidence is.

MR. RUSSERT: Knowing what you know today, do you have confidence in the leadership and the integrity of the attorney general?

MR. IGLESIAS: Right now I’ve got serious doubts. I really do.

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Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

How can you have confidence in a liar?