Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Senate Backs Pullout Proposal

by S-Q @ 8:40 PM MDT

Washington Post

Hagel Joins Democrats On War Funding Bill

By Shailagh Murray
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 28, 2007; Page A01

Senate Democrats scored a surprise victory yesterday in their bid to force President Bush to end the Iraq war, turning back a Republican amendment that would have struck a troop withdrawal plan from emergency military funding legislation.

The defection of a prominent Republican war critic, Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, sealed the Democrats' win. Hagel, who opposed identical withdrawal language two weeks ago, walked onto the Senate floor an hour before the late-afternoon vote and announced that he would "not support sustaining a flawed and failing policy," adding: "It's now time for the Congress to step forward and establish responsible boundaries and conditions for our continued military involvement in Iraq."


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

If more GOP would join like Hagel has..this war would soon end! ;)

teak said...

I made it, S.Q.! Thank you.

Thanks to Senator Hagel for voting with the Democrats on this one. He really has been stepping up to the plate, I hope he's serious about impeaching Bush if the DOJ brass won't testify. The more you read and hear, the more disgusting it is, and you know we are being kept in the dark big time!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Hey Teak! ;)

It's nice to see you again! I hope you blog with us on a regular basis now. ;)

When did you start your new blog?

teak said...

A few days ago, I suck. I'm not a good writer. I'm better at searching names and clues. I would rather give someone else my info and have them put it to use. There is so much muck coming out now, do you think so too? The news hasn't even gotten to it yet.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

You know, every blog out there helps to spread the truth and people are searching for the truth! Good for you Teak! ;)

Yes, I think sh*t is about to hit the big fan Thursday...and more to follow. All of the cover ups and lies..it's catching up with the evildoers for sure! :)

Basheert said...

I agree - however I'd like to say that the current "crop" of Repigs in the Senate is now formally on record as supporting not only a war, but a war-without-end by VOTE. They can pander all they want to their constituents, but they voted PRESIDENT and PARTY over country.
And it's now a matter of Congressional Record.

Buh Bye!