Wednesday, March 21, 2007

18 Day Gap In Emails!!!

by S-Q @ 11:00 AM MDT


I think a commenter in our document dump research thread may have been the first to notice that the emails released by the Justice Department seem to have a gap between November 15th and December 4th of last year….

The firing calls went out on December 7th. But the original plan was to start placing the calls on November 15th. So those eighteen days are pretty key ones. (emphasis mine)

What are you trying to hide, President Bush? You think that Karl Rove's little political manipulation dance goes unnoticed by everyone? That you can simply dump a bunch of documents and that no one will bother to read them? The days of Congress and the public not paying attention and the Republican Rubber Stamp Congress are long gone. It is time that that the Bush Administration adjusted to the new reality: accountability and oversight. So let the sun shine in.

Call the Capitol switchboard at 1-800-459-1887 or 1-202-224-3121, and ask to speak to the offices of Sen. Pat Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, to tell them:
Accept no substitutes: Testimony. In public. Under oath.


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a must be a duck!

This smells like Watergate all over again but much worse!! Obstructing justice during investigations by the DOJ are very, very serious!

Impeach Now!

Anonymous said...

Will Rover be frog-marched soon?