Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Scapegoat

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The House of Cards continues to dissemble. Here's the link to the resignation of Gonzales aide who "forgot to discuss with Harriet Miers"....

Our old friend is back, even after she's gone. So I guess that means they can get two scapegoats for the price of one. Do they think that if they find enough saps to fire the press will move on to the next scandal before the AG - also named AG - has to resign under fire?

Here's the link.
Top Gonzales Aide Resigns

PS: The print copy of Time mag with evil empire man on the cover does have a very nice little sidebar about our PJF, with picture. He's in Chicago with upcoming trials. We're with ya!


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Harriet who? hehe

What a bunch of corrupt evildoers! Watch out now...we're after ya!

We Are taking our country back! That includes our Constitution! ;)

Roisin Dubh said...

Hello Meanderer,

I read the article a little while ago. Schumer wants Gonzales out of there. Schumer is absolutely correct and Gonazales needs to be gone by no later than the end of the day today. What a bunch of sociopaths! Two or three generations of them. I have to say my confidence in the ability of the Democrats to begin cleaning house was shaken back when Nancy Pelosi made her statement about impeachment being off the table. No option, no tool for enforcing consequences of corrupt behavior should be off the table.

And getting these people out of our government is only the first step. There is a world-wide corrupt, corporate-fascist infrastructure that needs to be exposed and dismantled. All of us regular people who see what is happening are in this for the long haul - and there are many, many of us around the world.

Global_Evildoer_Fighter said...


The WH water boy will need to drop his gig for awhile!

quote: Do they think that if they find enough saps to fire the press will move on to the next scandal before the AG - also named AG - has to resign under fire?

These 'underling' firings and scapegoating are just typical Neo-Conjob tactics of throwing off the Press to turn their heads while they come up with something to change the topic...

But they're running out of Chum to throw at the Long arm of the Law and the Public is not buying it anymore..

Gonzo is gonna have to come up to the Justice plate. Just as Ambien, and Porkrind will have to!

For now we want Gonzo, Ambien, and Porkrind as the MAIN course.

We'll leave Brown Shuug for another day!


KitNeill said...

Hello roisin dubh,

The only thing I would say in defense of Rep Pelosi taking impeachment off the table is it would focus the media and public on it so thoroughly that everything else would end up off the table.

With less than two years to go, I feel it will make us stronger to focus on electing better people, and not let the neocons control the election cycle.

In other words, focus on the crimes not the criminals. Don't let all the other scandals lose steam.

I'm guessing following congrsessional hearings there will be prosecutions up the food chain and once out of office Bush/Cheney won't have "national security" to hide behind and a justice department protecting them.

Patience might just pay off even better.

Roisin Dubh said...

Hello Meanderer,

I do see your point and it is a good one. But I also think keeping the option of impeachment open as one tool to deal with the corruption of the Bushies would be a good idea. Perhaps you are right and a bunch of bottom to top indictments would be better. I would never have the patience of a Patrick Fitzgerald (and I think he should take over as AG at least until the Bush admin is gone). And I hope we can survive until Bush and Co. is gone.

Basheert said...

To post the hyperlink, go to your Blogger Dashboard and on the right side it says "blogger help" ... you can click on "how to post a link".

It's really easy, just a little practice and you'll be an expert!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


Thanks, I fixed it for her. She had it correct but one item was missing! ;)