Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bush Showdown with Congress

by S-Q @ 6:11 PM MDT

NBC Footage and commentary of Bush fighting subpoenas against his top aides.

You bet we want Gonzales, Rove and Bush!


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Justice is coming for Gone-Zo, Turdblossom, Darth and Dumbya!


Basheert said...

This is heading towards a very big constitutional crisis.
Bush is gonna push a show down I'm sure - and hopefully Rover and Lady Meiers will be held in contempt of Congress.
What good is an "interview" not under oath and on the record and no transcription? As Leahy said today, "so they can lie about what they said they said?"
The Committee is right to issue subpoenas. This group of thugs should be required to speak under oath in public. They work for US.

We do have a lot to Thank Mr. Rover for though. Just my opinion but he's taking the republic party down the road to "void" for the next 30 years. Their credibility is shot. We owe him for that.