Monday, March 19, 2007

CIA leak prosecutor was ranked below 'strong' and 'loyal' prosecutors on Justice chart

by S-Q @ 9:14 PM MDT

Raw Story

According to a Post examination of Justice documents, Fitzgerald was ranked "below strong U.S. Attorneys . . . who exhibited loyalty" to the Bush Administration but rated higher than "weak U.S. Attorneys who . . . chafed against Administration initiatives, etc."

"The chart was the first step in an effort to identify U.S. attorneys who should be removed," the article continues. "Two prosecutors who received the same ranking as Fitzgerald were later fired, documents show."


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...
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Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

They had better not fire Fitz!! He is one of the best Attorneys this country has!

antoine de cicereux said...
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antoine de cicereux said...

Hi, s-q and fellow JBs. I was going to post the link to that politico story on this thread, but I rolled down on your blog first and found you'd beaten me to it.

I'm still wondering who's going to be gone first, gone-zo, or that gentleman Knodell who Waxman tied in knots at the hearing last frie-day.

HW: is it WH policy not to conduct a collateral investigation of a WH leak?

JK: That is correct.

[A little later.]

WH: So, it's not WH policy not to carry out a collateral investigation of a WH leak.

JK: That is correct.

These are not the exact words, but you get my drfit.

If I'd been DR JK, I'd've been leaking in my seat

antoine de cicereux said...

A Mother Speaks Out

by Captain Kit @10:30 PM EDT

Tina Richards went to Congress to protect her son. And became a youtube sensation.

Here's the story of a mother who made it to Washington too late.

From the AP article on the White House Christian anti-war protests/arrests:

Celeste Zappala of Philadelphia recounted how she learned of the death of her son, Sgt. Sherwood Baker, who served in the National Guard. When a uniformed man came to her door asking if she was Baker's mother, she said yes.

'Yes,' and then I fell to the ground and somewhere outside of myself I heard someone screaming and screaming,' she said.

Sergeant Sherwood-Baker

I'm reminded of the front cover of LIFE Magazine, June 27, 1969:



It shook a lot of people up at the time.

FBI said...

Good Morning Justice Bloggers,

I couldn't resist this thread. I am not surprised how they ranked Fitz -- they would have fired him if they could have done it without a political storm like they have now! LMAO because they are getting what they deserve. We need to keep the pressure on Congress & the MSM about this scandal. It is too important.

Actually I hope Gonzo tries to hold on for a little longer so the the Judiciary Committee digs up more dirt on this scandal.

I hope there are emails with Rove's influenece on them in regards to Fitz and the CIA leak case -- that would be a gold mine!

Hi S-Q -- I have been so busy. I'll send you an email in a bit.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


Yep, Turdblossom is in this scandal deep...I hope they fry him!

I'll look forward to your email! :)

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


That's a very sad story! It breaks my heart that our soldiers are dying at the hands of these evildoers! We must bring home our troops now!