Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clinton says Bush must explain firing of US attorneys

By S-Q @ 10:38 am MDT

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is calling on President Bush to explain the firings of US attorneys, days after the White House admitted that White House adviser Karl Rove acted as a conduit for complaints about federal prosecutors.

"With the White House now acknowledging a direct role in the Justice Department's U.S. Attorney firings, the president must affirmatively step forward to explain what he is doing to address the politicization of our prosecutorial system and what role he and his aides played in this controversy," Clinton said in a statement sent to RAW STORY.

President Bush "is the chief executive of the country and this matter goes to the heart of his ability to manage our federal law enforcement and U.S. Attorney system," Clinton added.



Basheert said...

The KEY here is the White House involvement - especially the President's Chief of Staff who should NOT be meddling in the Justice Department's personnel issues (if any).

It was brought out yesterday that perhaps those attorneys who were NOT fired should be investigated to see what they did in order to keep their jobs?

AngryMan said...

I'm almost to the point where all prosecutors should be appointed for a certain amount of time just like with people in Federal Reserve. It builds consistency and takes some of the politics out of it. Law-making and law-enforcement ought to be mutually exclusive.

Global_Evildoer_Fighter said...


Actually I think they need to do away with the Federal Reserve Bank and give the power to create money back into the hands of the US Government.

It should also be backed by something other than Air!

But I guess I'm asking for too much Justice there!