Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Infighting - Grab the Popcorn

Captain Kit at 9pm EST

Let me see now. Gonzales says "mistakes were made" but won't resign.
Bush expresses "disappointment" but stands by his man. Dilemma. Gotta cut him loose. What to do?

Aha, get someone else, someone who still thinks this Admin can give them something. Furtive calls go out.

Senator Sununu leaps at the bait, thinking he's so clever - he can call for AG resignation, and thereby "support" the Admin's need to get rid of this "mistake" and also be "against" the Admin by denouncing the AG. Win the Spin game.

Gonzales is so over. We're just waiting for the spin cycle to finish.

Gonzo Going Going Gone

Like dead bodies in a lake, the truth eventually rises to the surface.

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Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Captain Kit:

It's the best game going...who did it? LOL

Then throw him under the bus and then suddenly no one in the WH ever knew that person! It's getting old real fast with this administration!

Get rid of all of the crooks and liars!