Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kucinich: 'Impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against Iran'

By S-Q @ 12:18 PM MDT

© 2007 Stephen Pitt

During a speech on the House floor on Thursday, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) declared that "impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against Iran." The 2004 presidential candidate, who is running again in 2008, told RAW STORY that his House floor statement "speaks for itself."

"This House cannot avoid its constitutionally authorized responsibility to restrain the abuse of Executive power," Kucinich said on the floor today. "The Administration has been preparing for an aggressive war against Iran. There is no solid, direct evidence that Iran has the intention of attacking the United States or its allies."



Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

YES!! Impeach Bush and Cheney! Indict and Impeach Cheney first though.

Anonymous said...

Bury them all in the compost heap!

They are trash!

KitNeill said...

I have leaned toward the belief that impeachment will slow us down and cause all the important issues that have been ignored in pursuit of this war to continue to be ignored.

However, each day this Administration continues to ignore, flaunt, manipulate and fail, I move more toward impeachment as the only way to stop this freefall in order to move forward.

A gang of immoral thugs who know they have a limited amount of time seem to be stepping it up. Their mantra could best be described as, "Grab it while you still can."

antoine de cicereux said...

Yes meanderer. I've thought for several months that there is race, on, a race between alerting a sufficient number of people in the US to the true nature of this evil regime in time to form a critical mass to stop them in their tracks on the one hand, and for the gang of immoral thugs to do sufficient damage to the constitution, limit civil rights and liberties to further their nefarious aims. If people don't wise up soon, they'll use a fake terrorist attack to further encroach on civil liberties, declare a state of emergency at home...and heaven knows what else abroad.

antoine de cicereux said...

I am undecided as to whether this video is in extreme poor taste or hilariously funny.

Please delete if you think the former.

Anonymous said...

Neither! It's obviously genuine!

Roisin Dubh said...


I say it is both and neither. I hope it is one of Bush's nightmares.

Geezer Power said...

Yep...lets tell it like it is. The Neoconservative agenda from before George W Bush took office called for the occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria, and judging by the actions of Bush & Co. nothing has changed. Thats why they won't budge on getting out of Iraq, and plan on being there for a long time.

The new embassy/fortress that is nearing completion sets on 104 acres in the so called Green zone in Baghdad.


Commanders Plan Eventual Consolidation of U.S. Bases in Iraq into four large air bases

By Bradley Graham
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, May 22, 2005;

BAGHDAD -- U.S. military commanders have prepared plans to consolidate American troops in Iraq into four large air bases as they look ahead to giving up more than 100 other bases now occupied by international forces, officers said.

Several officers involved in drafting the consolidation plan said it entailed the construction of longer-lasting facilities at the sites, including barracks and office structures made of concrete block instead of the metal trailers and tin-sheathed buildings that have become the norm at bigger U.S. bases in Iraq.


The only way this can be stopped is by cutting funding, and by impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as soon as possible.