Thursday, March 22, 2007

'Showdown at the OK Corral'

by S-Q @ 7:35 AM MDT


Showdown Looms in Attorney Firings Probe

Appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," Snow said, "I know a lot of people want this 'Showdown at the OK Corral' kind of thing. People might have a beef if we were withholding anything. We're not."

He said the constitutional tug-of-war would never have ensued had members of Congress been "interested in fact-finding as opposed to browbeating a White House aide. What they're missing now is a televised spectacle."

The president's chief spokesman had said Wednesday that proposal, which he called Bush's final offer, could be rescinded. "If they issue subpoenas, yes, the offer is withdrawn," Snow said. Democrats "will have rejected the offer."


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Good Morning Everyone! :)

Well, we all know what happened at the OK Corral...the good guys won and the bad guys lost!

So, "bring 'em on!" LOL

Basheert said...

Good Morning!

In an effort to provoke partisanship, the BlowJob is implying that the Democrats are rejecting the WH offer.

This is a story about 8 REPUBLICAN Attorneys appointed by Dubya. This is an in-house scandal created by an idiot (Abu) and the idiot he reports to (Dubya). The Democrats had nothing to do with the firings.

When attorneys are fired for investigating corrupt Republican office holders, that may very well be illegal. Telling Attorneys what charges to bring and to indict ONLY Democrats may also be illegal.

Yes the Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President (they're going to run that around the ballpark as long as they can), however if an Administration official attempts to influence an attorney with regards to indictments, I believe it very well could be deemed illegal.

The dodge of Executive Privilege is just that - a dodge. Karl Rove and Harriet (BushWife) Meirs are not elected officials. They are not protected and can be subpoenad.

I sincerely hope that both Committees not only vote to authorize subpoenas but issue them and serve them.

This country is in need of a Constitutional Crisis - to wake some of the 30% up.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Hi Basheert:

Yep, it appears that laws have been broken! Absolutely, those responsible should be put under oath and they will either tell the truth..or commit perjury..whichever they seems they're in a heap of trouble no matter what! LOL

Basheert said...

This will probably end up in court. The Democrats will seriously not be able to accept the "behind closed doors, no oath and no transcript" scenario. Politically they have to follow through with this to the end ... even if it takes a long time.

Bush is at his "bully" best isn't he? His house of cards is crumbling - what's hysterical is that all these guys were Republican appointments.

And here's a little gem - evidently Kyle Sampson is feeling like he's being scapegoated...hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


I don't care how long it long as Justice is served to those responsible for this scandal! But, the sooner the better! hehe ;)