Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hagel: Before This Is Over, You Might See Calls For Bush's Impeachment

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- If Chuck Hagel is looking to join the cast of Republican presidential hopefuls, he's certainly not taking an orthodox route.

Speculation that the senior U.S. senator from Nebraska is considering a run for the White House has run high since 2004, when he confirmed he might make the leap. A new flurry of conjecture hit political blogs and news programs Wednesday, when he revealed his intention to make an announcement on Monday about his future plans.

Loree Bykerk, a political science professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, says recent rumblings within the state indicate he likely will run.

Former students of Bykerk's now active in the state Republican Party have told her of "the queuing up ... in the Republican party of who is going to run for his senate seat and keep the governor's seat and other state offices," she said.

But if Hagel is beating a path to the White House, there are those who question what he's using to pave the way.

In an interview appearing in April editions of Esquire magazine -- set to hit stands next week -- Hagel suggests that President Bush could be subject to calls for impeachment as the Iraq war drags on.

"The president says, 'I don't care.' He's not accountable anymore," Hagel said in the article. "Before this is over, you might see calls for his impeachment. I don't know. It depends on how this goes."



basheert said...

I only wish that were true.

So far several state legislatures AND the communities in Vermont have all either passed bills or voted for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney ... and here we still sit, even deeper in this mess.

Today's discussion concerns fears of inflation??? As if in the future, someone isn't paying for this total debacle??

And Bush and Cheney go merrily along....Halliburton is moving to Dubai to avoid taxes and will still have those juicy contracts. By the way, evidently KBR had the contract to run Walter Reed as well, isn't that a surprise.

And Bush and Cheney will still go on - because the hard nosed Republicans still do not see that the wheels have come off the bus, they are in a ditch and the driver is dead.

KitNeill said...

I hope Senator Hagel puts his hat in. Nebraska is bedrock USA, and a Republican that's firmly against the War will give those a choice who can't vote for Hillary or Obama.

2008 is shaping up to be a real election, lots of really good candidates. Hopefully they won't all get knocked out in the March 31 money reporting.

As for impeachment, I would love to see it, but if Bush goes, we get Cheney. To get both in less than two years is a longshot. Plus, the War is sapping our energies, an impeachment more so.

So I think take the high road and put our energies into ABC (After Bush and Cheney).

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Howdy Basheert and Kit! ;)

It's great to see both of you on my blog!

Halliburton/KBR are probably trying to avoid more lawsuits! No doubt..

Feeding the troops slop and bad water was bad enough but now subjecting them to filthy hospital conditions is over the top!

I love your ABC's.. hehe Yes, we need to remove them from office and the sooner the better!

P.S. I'm looking forward to having you as an author here! ;)