Monday, April 09, 2007

Bush Spreads Guantanamo Gangrene Globally

by anthony @ 11:25 AM BST

April 8, 2007 at 18:58:47
by Sherwood Ross

Jumah Al Dossari has been rotting in Guatanamo for five years now without ever having been charged of an offense. The prisoner believes “he has been condemned to live forever on an island where there is no law,” his lawyer says, adding, “He may well be right.”

Al Dossari is forced to spend virtually the entire day in solid-wall solitary under conditions that make Devil’s Island look like a health spa on the Riviera. He was kidnapped illegally, transported halfway around the world, torn from his family and other living beings, denied sunlight, short-shackled, beaten, and told by his sadistic tormentors he will never get out. On three occasions he has attempted suicide, according to his lawyer Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, who told his story in the April 5 Miami Herald.

Al Dossari cannot believe a human being can be flung in prison with no evidence, but what does he know of how President Bush and Congress have torched our Constitution? Al Dossari’s fate differs little from 400 other Guantanamo captives and of tens of thousands of luckless U.S. prisoners around the world, the bitter harvest of illegal wars by an illegitimate regime.

Video: The Road to Guantanamo, Channel 4


antoine de cicereux said...

This makes me so angry, that people who, in most cases, were going about their lawful business were rounded up and detained without trail at Gitmo.

Bush has dragged his country's name into the dirt.

In vain do I try to convince a young Afghani refugee at the school where I work that not all Americans are evil.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


There are evil people all around the world, however, I understand that we Americans have now been stereotyped as all being evil...thanks to Dumbyeah & Co.