Tuesday, April 10, 2007

McCain’s Excellent Iraqi Adventure

by S-Q @ 11:22 AM MDT

DAILY SHOW With Jon Stewart.

McCain’s Excellent Iraqi Adventure

Jon rocks and he is hilarious! LOL


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

If Jon Stewart gets any funnier I am gonna have to get new carpet under my desk 'cause I've been ROFL a lot lately watching him!!


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

McCain is such an idiot! Sheesh..I think I will relocate if he continues this type of embarrassment to us folks here in AZ!

antoine de cicereux said...

I am glad you found the embed html, s-q.

I watched this on OpEdNews, which is a great source for important stories, it had no emded, url facility, so I looked for it on googlevideo, but couldn't find it. Should've looked on Comedy Central, but you've posted it anyway.

It's 19:38 here in the UK, and the Daily Show will be on at 20:30. Unfortunately, the shows they are showing are about a week old, and as often as not, I've already seen them on the net.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

So, Anthony, do you want to impress your family and friends?

Invite them over to watch this video next week and prior to that, memorize a few lines of what Jon Stewart says..

As he is about to say those lines..you can say them a few seconds before he does!

Your family/friends will be amazed at your incredible ESP abilities!!

Anthony, don't tell me you already did that last week?


antoine de cicereux said...

Poll question from cheers and jeers:

Do you typically wear a Kevlar vest when you go to market?

Only on double coupon days

Anonymous said...

Hey S.Q. I finally got it to work! McCain and that other guys must not realize what fools they make of themselves or are too money and power hungry to care.

Have either of you ever seen this before?

Naval War College Doctrine and the Bible

Anthony, you would get a kick outta how my brain works and how I arrived at that.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Only on double coupon days


Where do you shop? Baghdad Market Place online? It must be hell feeding those coupons into your computer!


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Hey S.Q. I finally got it to work!

Yay!! I knew you could do it! :)

However, your link is dead..

clif said...

St Johnny the Delusional hasn't been the same since he offered his soul up as a sacrificial gift to the gods of the neo-con cabal who is destroying this country, the worst part for St Johnny, once they sacrifice your soul your useless to them, renting it like dead eye and Chimpy McFlightsuit does is the way to go, but St Johnny the Delusional is not very savvy in the ways of the neo-con, he's just a straight talking corruption machine, not the deviously deceitful hate filled criminally organized corruption machine the PNAC crowd is. he'll never be accepted as what they are, they will just use him then sell him off to their god Satan.

At least he is a good BAD example for the rest of us, from which to measure the new hubris of the GOP.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Hi Clif!

Who do you think the Neocons want as "their" candidate? A good 'ole Neocon boy?

Also, if you have any articles that you would like to see me post, just email to me, and I'll be glad to post them! ;)

clif said...

I see the neo-cons looking seriously at Romney, Rudy, and maybe Newt, too bad their base the psuedo-christian right, do not seem so impressed with their choices for front men for their immoral global agenda.

The split which is starting to develop in the GOP is very good for the rest of us, since every one of them is a backstabbing lying deceitful stop at nothing to win dirty campaign attack machine, the looming shit fight will be one of the most interesting to watch in a long, long time.

Especially If Newt gets in, the lies hypocrisy and back stabbing will make for much enjoyment till one of them finally stands up with shit all over them all truths and skeletons exposed to try to foole the sheeple again.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


They sure don't have much to choose from, do they? LOL

1. A drag queen, (he wears a dress well & seemed to enjoy that Trump kiss)

2. A life-long hunter (he talks like he has a gun rack in the back of his pickup truck but only hunted twice in his life)

3. A racist pig (he says Spanish is a 'ghetto' language) that should get the Hispanic votes...


clif said...

well s-q those are the people who have openly shown the neo-con cabal they have no conscience and are willing to do what ever it takes to win, no matter what they are asked to do after-words.

St Johnny the Delusional is just to impossible to gage where he is going to find his truths day in and day out, and St Johnny the Delusional has pissed off the base so he doesn't have the luster these third rate frauds do to the corruption machine puppet masters.

antoine de cicereux said...

I've just been watching the daily show on Mpre Channel 4+ here in the U.K. Guess what they showed on tonight's edition.

McCain on his stroll through the market in Baghsad.

Guess More Channel 4+ is finallyu catching up with this blog!

clif said...

Also, if you have any articles that you would like to see me post, just email to me, and I'll be glad to post them! ;)

Check your e mail....