Monday, April 09, 2007

Jane Stillwater, blogger and grandmother in Iraq, interviews John McCain

by Geezer Power 3:28:00 PM PDT

Jane Stillwater's Fourth Report:

Sunday, April 01, 2007

More news from Iraq: Me, the Light Brigade & John McCain

By Jane Stillwater


Iconoclast journalist Jane P. Stillwater is now embedded in Kuwait. She maneuvered past the road blocks of bureaucracy to arrive there and has filed her first report from the Middle East. Stillwater's reports will be updated as they arrive on the Iconoclast site. Here, you can follow the stalwart and indomitable reporting of Stillwater to the Iconoclast and the world at large.

Stillwater is a grandmother from Berkeley, California who is dedicated to the truth and justice for all Americans. The Iconoclast is delighted to be able to enable this kind of coverage so that Americans can know.


Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...
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Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Good for Jane and I hope she will be safe! Contrary to what the Insane McCain says, it IS dangerous in Iraq!

Geezer Power said...

Janes the coolest...An old hippy from Berkley. She will do a lot better on the streets than McCain. Casper would shine like a tit in the moonlight...LOL

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

LOL Geezer!


Anonymous said...


The raid upon the treasury
Was done, without consent
Of a voting majority
Of citizens, yet went
Ahead with open throttle: we
Yet were not innocent.

Putting in charge of our affairs
A crew of businessmen
(Cheney et al) known, without airs,
To be dishonest, knowing then
Leopards´ spots change not--well, so there´s
Complicity, spelled C-O-N.

One cannot cheat an honest man,
Which is to say a swindle
Requires corruption; so our clan
Would see old freedoms dwindle
To make a buck, so profit can
Unwrap the tightest spindle.

The men in charge, while secretive,
Yet brought biographies
With them to office: how forgive
Yourself for lies as these,
As capital runs out a sieve,
Taxpayers brought to their knees.

So Halliburton-KBN
Brought soldiers filthy water
As bear virulent pathogen,
Or led men into slaughter
Not hired for combat--ne´er again
To see wife, son or daughter.

Throughout the overcharging scams
Nor Congress put a word in,
But followed dutifully like lambs
(Their conscience without burden),
Dithering as in dithyrambs
While all of it deferred in.

So Cheney as was once the boss
At Halliburton (which
Owns KBN) was at no loss
Whom to award with rich
Contracts: so he would lightly toss
To buddies (with a twitch).

It´s fun to drive a Cadillac
Paid by the sap taxpayer
As managers did in Iraq,
The bureaucratic layer
Most valued, always in the black
With government defrayer.

No "love of country" motivates,
Just ask an employee there--
Though propaganda obfuscates:
Still, I´d not want to be there,
Because impiety there.