Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Iran under the threat of war?

by anthony @ 13:45 BST

by Nasir Khan

Global Research, April 9, 2007

Is the United States going to attack Iran? This question is being asked around the world. The big American military build-up in the Persian Gulf has gone on for some time, and there is every reason to believe that Washington is setting stage for a major offensive against Iran.

In fact, the Bush administration has followed a carefully orchestrated strategy with a view to pave the way for a major conflict with Iran. The clearest signal comes from US Vice President Dick Cheney’s latest comments on February 23. At a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Cheney said that ‘all options’ are on the table if Iran continues to defy UN- led efforts to get Tehran to abandon its nuclear programmes. The news conference was held amidst tight security because thousands of protesters were voicing their anger at his visit. They called the main architect of invasion and occupation of Iraq a ‘war criminal’ and they called for the withdrawal of Australian soldiers from Iraq.

Cheney said that the United States remained ‘deeply concerned’ about Iran’s activities, including the ‘aggressive’ sponsoring of Hezbollah and ‘inflammatory statements’ by President Ahmadinejad: ‘We worked with European community and the United Nations to put together a set of policies to persuade the Iranians to give up their aspirations and to resolve the matter peacefully, and that is still our preference.’

‘But I have also made the point, and the president has also made the point, that all options are on the table,’ said Cheney.

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Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Let's hope we get these evildoer warmongers out of office soon! Our military is spread too thin and attacking another country is insanity, IMHO!

clif said...

I'm not so sure an actual attack is what they are after,

Since 2004 when they have ratcheted up the tough talk about Iran, oil prices have gone up way up, and so have oil company profits, which certain people and their government lackeys profit from.

In the past two and a half years, the oil companies have rakes in obscene profits, which partly are created by artificially inflating the price of OIL and it's component products. This price inflation is called the costs of uncertainty in the middle east, and when the price dropped this year stories about an pending attack came from both hints and leaks out of Washington, and Moscow, both centers who right now want a high oil price, both for their own reasons.

Since Iran is also profiting rather well from higher oil prices, they have little reason to stop the talk of war related price increases, just trying to prevent Bush from doing to them what he did to Iraq. which would result if actual decreases in oil supplies and possibly a world wide depression if not out right world War, between competing factions for the oil and access to the places it is extracted from the ground.

The possibility of war is real, but I think people are using that to make a handsome profit at the expense of the rest of us.