Thursday, April 12, 2007

An hour after I left it, the Iraqi Parliament was attacked by a suicide bomber!

by anthony @ 18:15 BST

by Jane Stillwater
April 12, 2007 at 08:26:54

Yesterday I went down to the Iraqi Parliament and interviewed two female Parliament members regarding their views on the current situation in Iraq. The Parliament was meeting in what formerly used to be Baghdad's most prestigious convention center. I sat in the Center's restaurant for over an hour, interviewing the Parliamentarians and observing various delegates come and go.

After I had written and filed my story this morning, I returned to the convention center in order to see if I could give a copy of it to my two female Parliamentarian interviewees. I entered the front of the building and climbed the stairs to the second floor but after a visual search of the many delegates gathered there to caucus between sessions, I was unable to find who I was looking for and so I left.

An hour later an apparent suicide bomber somehow managed to enter the restaurant and set off an incendiary device which, according to Reuters, injured over a dozen delegates, some of them seriously. Two delegates were allegedly killed.

My heart goes out to the injured delegates and their families – and to all of Iraq. Am I relieved that I missed being injured by flying shrapnel or burned? Of course. But more than that, I am deeply grieved by this tragic horror that happened to people who were well and whole just mintues before.


Geezer Power said...

And our hearts go out to Jane Stillwater. I am thankful that she is ok and that more damage wasn't done. She has only been in Iraq for a couple of weeks and has penned some excellent articals reflecting her reality of what is going on there. When and if the MSM finally picks up on her reports she will be famous and the general public will have a more truthful view of the human conditions there.

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Dang, that was a close call for her!

TomCat said...

Time for Bush, Cheney, Mccain, Rove, et al to line up and take a nice walk through the safe streets of Baghdad. :-)