Thursday, April 05, 2007

Was Bush's Appointment of Sam Fox Illegal?

by S-Q @ 6:53 PM MDT

The Joy of Dictatorship
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Huffington Post/AP

ANNE FLAHERTY | AP | April 5, 2007 08:40 PM EST

WASHINGTON — Democrats called for an investigation Thursday into whether President Bush acted illegally in appointing Sam Fox ambassador to Belgium.

A day earlier, Bush named Republican fundraiser Fox to the post as a recess appointment _ a maneuver that allowed him to bypass Congress, where Democrats had derailed his nomination.

"We view the recess appointment of Mr. Fox as a clear abuse of the President's recess appointment power," three Democratic senators wrote in a letter to the Government Accountability Office, Congress' auditing agency.

The senators _ Democrats Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, John Kerry of Massachusetts and Robert Casey of Pennsylvania _ also asked if Fox's appointment could be terminated if a Senate vote rejected him.

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Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Impeach the Decider now! Enough already with the lies and deceit!

PrissyPatriot said...

How much more must we endure?? Kick gonzo to the curb, and the rest to follow!

Nancy for President until 2009! The press is still spinning her trip for the neorepugs...

Geezer Power said...

Does Dubya do anything the legal way? And no nevermind cause he will issue a signing statement, or just plain lie if need be.

Is the idiot trying to wear us out trying to keep up with the travesty's of justice. I don't think so...We gots power in numbers.