Monday, April 02, 2007

McCain Takes A Walk On The Wild Side...

by S-Q @ 9:12 AM MDT

CNN 4/2/07

If it's so safe now in Iraq, why is "Delusional- Kool-Aid- Drinking" McCain wearing a bullet proof vest and surrounded by hundreds of security?

Lou Reed- Take A Walk On The Wild Side


S-Q said...
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S-Q said...

"Insane McCain" says it's safe in Baghdad but he has hundreds of security around him! Hey, what's the bullet proof vest for "Insane McCain"?

9:17 AM

anthony said...

I love that track, S-Q. I remember when it first came out. I was a 16 year old schoolboy attending a boarding school at the time.

S-Q said...

So, that makes you about 21, eh?